tetra pak flowerpot

Transform a Tetra Pak into a beautiful flowerpot:

  1. Open the top of the Tetra Pak and use scissors to cut along the top fold to remove the top all together.
  2. Cut down the four side folds to half of the height.
  3. Fold the sides down.
  4. Make a hole in each corner of the folded sides (eight holes total)
  5. Link the holes together with a string to hold the corners down.
  6. Optional: decorate your pot with paper or paint to your liking.

Your new pot is waterproof: no mess when watering. However, for plants that need drainage, make several holes at the bottom of the Tetra Pak with the tip of scissors.


  1. Create nice openings on the upper part of the sides of a Tetra Pak.
  2. Make a few holes with the tip of scissors through the bottom.
  3. Optional: place a loop of string through the cap before screwing it back on top to be able to hand the pot.
  4. Fill with soil, plant a seed and water generously to kickstart your new pot.

Speaking of watering, did you know that a PET bottle can easily be turned into a watering system?

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