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Empowering companies to stop plastic pollution at the root since 2018.

Scientists estimate that we spill 8 million tons of plastic waste per year in the ocean(Jambeck et al. 2015). As an environmental engineer and diver, our founder I was distressed by this realisation especially after I was able to see it with my own eyes during my Master’s thesis in Eilat, Israel. I came home with the conviction that I had a role to play in the reduction of plastic pollution and that cleaning up was not the immediate solution. Afterall, when your sink is overflowing, you close the tap before you start mopping.

In June 2018, I first imagined Let’s Talk Waste to raise awareness on plastic pollution and find ways to cut it at the source. Later that year, I was awarded the 1st Jury Prize of the Social Impact Award Switzerland for my realistic business plan and convincing pitch. In February 2019, I was welcomed in the ArboLife (now known as Paradigm21) ecosystem as one of its projects working toward the economic, social and ecological transition. In September 2020, I was identified as a catalyst for systemic change by the Catalyst Lab program by collaboratio helvetica. In December 2021, I spoke from the heart about my view of how we should approach the waste transition at TEDxHSG in St Gallen. I was then 2 months pregnant with my baby girl.

After my maternity leave, I am back to serve my mission with increased passion. I am working with companies to create a better future for the generations to come which now include my daughter.

Let’s Talk Waste empowers your teams to act on this pollution through science based, collaborative and customizable solutions with playful and interactive activities. 

My mission

I want to cut plastic pollution at the source. To do that I raise awareness on the impact of waste, empower people into action and help with bottom-up strategic development.

My vision

I imagine a world where humanity no longer produces waste. A world where having sustainable consumption habits is accessible to and understood by all. A world where our children will know the ocean as I have had the privilege to know it.

Meet the team

Julia Bodin | Founder, facilitator

Julia Bodin

Founder, facilitator

I am an environmental engineer trained at EPFL, a change facilitator and a public speaker. I am your point of contact with Let's Talk Waste. I guide you in the definition of your activities, navigating different formats, and I create and facilitate them for you. Sometimes with a little help.

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Boryana Milova | Facilitator

Boryana Milova


Boryana is a business innovator with a drive to push the circular economy transition forward. She co-facilitates various formats in English and German for Let’s Talk Waste. She is also the co-founder of Future of Waste with Julia Bodin, a project to facilitate the circular economy transition at a systemic level.

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Erica Mazerolle | Facilitator

Erica Mazerolle


Erica facilitates transformative learning experiences around the topics of sustainability, collaborative innovation and circular economy. She co-facilitates for Let’s Talk Waste in English and French. She is also the co-founder of Nuha, an online marketplace for zero waste products.

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Clémence Gillier | Facilitator

Clémence Gillier


Facilitator for Let's Talk Waste, Clémence is an expert in business management and is trained to support companies in their development. She co-facilitates your workshop in French and English.

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Meet happy clients



Breitling trust Let's Talk Waste since 2022 with its plastic waste reduction ambition. We have offered Breitling a series of various formats to accommodate their needs. We have thus managed to get employes onboard the plastic waste reduction strategy with a bottom-up approach.

Groupe l'Occitane

Groupe l'Occitane

Groupe l'Occitane wanted to raise awareness on waste amongst the members of the HR team and have a positive impact on the nature surrounding a team event location. We organized a cleanup in the snow and then tailored our traditional card games to a digital format so that the team members could learn about the impact of waste and the proper recycling practices.



In the context of a day on wellbeing at work, Celgene chose to invite Let's Talk Waste for a 1 hour format to raise awareness. The participants who joined were able to learn about the impact of waste and test their recycling practices. They asked many questions so that they could improve their recycling habits and start using alternatives.

Impact Hub Lausanne

Impact Hub Lausanne

Impact Hub Lausanne is the original crib for Let's Talk Waste. The idea was born there and the first prototypes were created there. They trusted Let's Talk Waste with an evening format offering the original games to both members of the space and outsiders.


Meet our partners

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