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Empowering you and your team to stop plastic pollution at the root since 2018.

Let’s Talk Waste was born off of an observation: we are spilling astronomical amounts of waste into our ocean. Scientist estimate that about 8 million metric tons of plastic waste per year are spilled into the ocean (Jambeck et al. 2015) . As an environmental engineer and diver, our founder Julia is very sensitive to the issue that she has seen and touched during her Master’s project on coral reefs in Israel.

In June 2018, Let’s Talk Waste was first imagined to raise awareness on plastic pollution and find ways to cut it at the source. In October 2018, the project was awarded the 1st Jury Prize of the Social Impact Award Switzerland for its realistic business plan and convincing pitch. In February 2019, it was welcomed in the ArboLife ecosystem as one of its projects working toward the economic, social and ecological transition. In September 2020, it was identified as a catalyst for systemic change by the Catalyst Lab program by collaboratio helvetica.

Let’s Talk wast empowers your team to act on this pollution through playful and interactive activities. Go to our offer page to discover the full offer.

Our mission

Let's Talk Waste's mission is to cut plastic pollution at the source of our habits. We raise awareness on the impact of waste and empower you and your team to reduce your waste footprint.

Our vision

Our vision is a world where humanity no longer produces waste. A world where having a sustainable consumption habits is accessible to all. A world where our children will know the ocean as we knew it before the industrial boom.

Meet the team

Julia Bodin | Founder, facilitator

Julia Bodin

Founder, facilitator

Social entrepreneur and environmental engineer trained at EPFL, Julia is your prefered point of contact with Let's Talk Waste. She guides you in the definition of your team building activities and creates and facilitates them for you.

Julia's LinkedIn
Boryana Milova | Facilitator

Boryana Milova


Boryana is a business innovator with a drive to push the circular economy transition forward. She facilitates some of Let's Talk Waste's activities in English and German. She is also the co-founder with Julia Bodin of Future of Waste.

Boryana's LinkedIn
Carole Schanté | Facilitator

Carole Schanté


Carole is an expert in employee engagement for environmental sustainability with a background in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. She is the founder of Engage to Act and facilitates some of Let's Talk Waste activities in English and French.

Engage to Act's website
Krista Kaufmann | Graphic recorder

Krista Kaufmann

Graphic recorder

Krista has been swimming in the social entrepreneurship world for many years but she is also a sketcher. She is the graphic recorder for Let's Talk Waste.

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Meet the support team

Marc Mathys | Mentor and admin support

Marc Mathys

Mentor and admin support

Marc is the co-founder of ArboLife and was mentor to many social entrepreneurs. He helped Julia to shape Let’s Talk Waste into what it is today. He also takes care of accounting and billing.

ArboLife's website
Nora Wilhelm | Strategy and partnership support

Nora Wilhelm

Strategy and partnership support

Nora is the co-founder of collaboratio helvetica and a strategic support for Let's Talk Waste. "Nora is an exceptional professional in the field of social innovation and an example of a leader we need in the world today.” — Dr. Otto Scharmer

collaboratio helvetica's website
Matheus Guimarães da Silva | Web and graphic designer

Matheus Guimarães da Silva

Web and graphic designer

Matheus is a webdesigner and graphic artist with more than 16 years of experience. He is co-founder of the web design company Impactamidia. You can check more of his work in the link below.

Matheus' website
Ana Salac Guimarães | Graphic designer

Ana Salac Guimarães

Graphic designer

Ana built her career in the fields of Design and Sustainability, she is passionate about handcrafts and initiatives to empower women. Ana has developed a creative process to transform concepts into image and the Let’s Talk Waste logo was one result of this technique.

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Meet our partners

collaboratio helvetica

collaboratio helvetica

collaboratio helvetica is a growing community of co-creators from all horizons with a common mission: working toward the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Let’s Talk Waste took part in the Catalyst Lab 2020/2021 by collaboratio helvetica.

collaboratio helvetica
Reactis SA

Reactis SA

Reactis SA is the Swiss distributor for smart waste recycling and disposal solutions. Let's Talk Waste shares clients with Reactis SA through co-branded offers.

Reactis SA


Let's Talk Waste is part of the Paradigm21 ecosystem and hosted by it.

hub neuchatel

hub neuchatel

hub neuchatel is a coworking space for freelancers and social entrepreneurs in Neuchâtel. Let's Talk Waste goes there to meet with its hosting company : ArboLife Sàrl.

hub neuchatel


Impactamídia is a webdesign company with over 12 years of experience in the business. Let's Talk Waste satisfyingly entrusted the design and execution of its website to Impactamídia.


Meet our clients

Groupe L'Occitane
Impact Hub Lausanne
hub neuchatel