our story

We want to stop plastic pollution at the root of our consumption and conception habits.

Let's Talk Waste was born off of an observation: that we are putting astronomical amounts of waste into our ocean. Scientist say it amounts to 8 million tons per year*. As an environmental engineer and diver, Julia is very sensitive to the issue that she has seen with her own eyes. In June 2018, she created Let's Talk Waste to raise awareness and find solutions to stop plastic pollution at the source. With her project she wanted to impact people in their consumption habits as a private individual and in their conception approach as an employee.
In October 2018, the project was awarded the 1st Jury Prize of the Social Impact Award 2018 for its realistic business plan and convincing pitch. Let's Talk Waste exists thanks to a successful partnership with ArboLife (https://www.arbolife.com/).

* Jambeck, Jenna R., et al. "Plastic waste inputs from land into the ocean." Science

Our mission

Our mission is to raise awareness on the impact of waste and to help our clients find solutions to reduce the impact they have with their waste be it as a private individual or an employee designing new generation products and packaging. Thus, Let’s Talk Waste raises its clients to their own sustainability goals.

Our vision

Our vision is a world where products that come to the market no longer produce waste. A world where having a cleaner consumption habit is accessible to all. A world where ocean plastic pollution is stopped at the source. A world where we can say that our children will see the oceans as we knew them before the industrial boom.

Our team is here to help you

Julia Bodin | Founder

Julia Bodin


Social entrepreneur and environmental engineer trained at EPFL, Julia is your prefered point of contact with Let's Talk Waste. She guides you in the definition of your team building activities and creates and facilitates them for you.

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Alizé Aversano | Workshop design and facilitation

Alizé Aversano

Workshop design and facilitation

Alizé is passionate about social entrepreneurship and has supported various impact projects around the world as workshop facilitator, mentor, community catalyst and consultant while also creating her own initiatives in Peru and Nepal.

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Matheus Guimarães da Silva | Web and graphic designer

Matheus Guimarães da Silva

Web and graphic designer

Matheus is a webdesigner and graphic artist with more than 16 years of experience. He is co-founder of the web design company Impactamidia. You can check more of his work on:

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Ana Salac Guimarães | Graphic designer

Ana Salac Guimarães

Graphic designer

Ana built her career in the fields of Design and Sustainability, she is passionate about handcrafts and initiatives to empower women. Ana has developed a creative process to transform concepts into image and the Let’s Talk Waste logo was one result of this technique.

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