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Our mission is to raise awareness on the impact of waste and to help our clients find solutions to reduce the impact they have with their waste, be it as a private individual or an employee designing new generation products and packaging

Standard I

This package is the essence of our services. We come to your location to raise awareness of the impact of waste in the natural environment and talk about best recycling practices through playful teambuilding activities.

Tidy-Up II

"This a larger team building activity with three parts and two partners: 1) cleanup of a public space 2) sorting and recycling the collected materials, raising awareness about recycling 3) an outdoor version of the Basic package"

Rethink III

This solution starts with an assesment of your current recycling situation and suggestions for the installation of new ecopoints with a partner. It also includes the Basic or Basic+ package in order to get our employees started with the new installation.

Tailored IV

This package is tailored espaecially for you depending on your needs that can be defined during a phone call.


Project managment, admin and travel costs

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Two-hour team building on waste

Yes Yes Yes Custom

Thirty-minute brainstorm on alternatives

Yes No Yes Custom

Cleanup activity

No Yes No Custom

Recycling logistics

Yes Yes No Custom

Consulting on ecopoints installation

No No Yes Custom

Brainstorming activities on new ecodesigns

No No No Custom

Partners for optimal results

No Yes Yes Yes

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