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Our mission is to raise awareness on the impact of waste and to help our clients find solutions to reduce the impact they have with their waste, be it as a private individual or an employee designing new generation products and packaging

At work

Let's Talk Waste comes to your company to help you find solutions to reduce the impact you have with your waste

At work

Team building activities

Let’s Talk Waste offers playful team building activities to raise awareness of your employees or clients on the impact of waste and to guide them on the path of reduction.
Upon request, Let's Talk Waste can offer personalized workshops to guide your company towards a lesser impact with your waste.

Recycling Station

An interactive recycling station : coming soon

The offer will also soon include an informative waste collection solution for small recyclables.
This station will a double agent -
1. it is a reminder of the discussion your employees or clients had with Let's Talk Waste during a team building session and helps them go further with their best recycling practices
2. but also a collection point for waste that are typically annoying to dispose of - small electronics, batteries, light bulbs, expired medication and CD

At Home

Let's Talk Waste comes to your home to help you fully understand how you can best manage your waste and give you the power to act

At work

Our full website : coming soon

Our website will be designed to demystify recycling and get you on the path of reduction through adaptive, informative and inspirational content.

Recycling Station

An intuitive recycling station : coming soon

Our recycling station for home will be an elegant, intuitive recycling solution to best assist you in the basic recycling practices, to create a link with the recycling station you may have at work. This solution will be a vertical design for you to collect your waste so that it has a lesser impact on your space.

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