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Our mission is to raise awareness on the impact of waste and to help our clients find solutions to reduce the impact they have with their waste, be it as a private individual or an employee designing new generation products and packaging.

I. Let's Talk Essentials

We come to your location to raise awareness of the impact of waste in the natural environment and talk about best recycling practices through playful team building activities. Optionally a 30 minute brainstorming can be added to let your employees come up with the alternatives they would like to have available at the work place.

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II. Let's Tidy-Up

This is a longer more holistic team building activity in three acts: (1) cleanup of a public space, (2) sorting and recycling of the collected materials while raising awareness about good recycling practices - and (3) a time to raise awareness on the impact littering has on the natural environment and the existing alternatives. This package is a co-branded offer with My Green Trip and Le Thiec ASD.

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III. Let's Rethink

This package includes an assessment of your current recycling situation and suggestions for the installation of new recycling points with Le Thiec ASD. In order to maximize the efficiency of your new recycling points, this package also includes I. Let's Talk Basics with the optional brainstorming activity.

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IV. Let's Go Tailored

A fully tailored package to answer your specific needs.

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Project managment, admin and travel costs

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Two-hour team building on waste

Yes Yes Yes Custom

Thirty-minute brainstorm on alternatives

Custom No Yes Custom

Cleanup activity with My Green Trip

No Yes No Custom

Recycling and waste disposal logistics with Le Thiec ASD

No Yes No Custom

Consulting on new recycling station with Le Thiec ASD

No No Yes Custom

Partners for optimal results

No Yes Yes Custom

Starting at

800.- 2900.- 1000.- Tailored