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 From ambition to collective waste reduction action, step-by-step

Driving change in a company is a key element of the success of sustainability endeavours. It is however not an easy task and an external voice can go a long way to get stronger employee buy-in or simply better awareness of the issue a company wants to address.

Let’s Talk Waste supports your success in waste reduction by offering you a series of tailored solutions structures around three pillars: Educate, Empower and co-Strategize.


Employees at your company are a key asset in turning your waste reduction goals into a reality. But to do so, they first need to understand why it is important and what is at stake. We bring them awareness and increase their engagement with a card game about the issue of waste and its impact on nature.


Most informed employees will want to make changes and contribute to your waste reduction goals. We bring empowerment through a card game and a collective thinking workshop that addresses recycling practices and alternative behaviours at home and work.


To go above and beyond, you can invite your employees to contribute to your waste reduction strategy by inviting them to collaborate on its furthering. We host the space for that to happen through various collective thinking formats depending on your needs and constraints.


Our experience has shown that many change initiatives tend to fail when not supported by knowledge. We have also realised that taking action for sustainability is obvious to us but that many people lack the information and understanding to commit to action or even to understand why action is needed. 

This is why we created Let’s Talk Waste’s iconic Impact Game, a comprehensible card game that informs the participants about waste issues and their impact on nature. This game is science-based and inspired by the knowledge our founder has accumulated through her studies and research at EPFL. 

The Impact Game gives ample opportunities for questions and discussions so that the outcome is tailored to the existing knowledge in the group of participants joining on any given day.


Original full 1-hour game, online 1-hour game, quick 15-minute digital challenge, 20-minute Masterclass, booth and more upon request to meet your needs.


Switzerland or online


English and French

How others feel this format has helped their waste reduction journey:

“The scientific framework is well laid out without being too complex and the workshop is really hands-on.”

Claude Berguerand, UBS

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Knowledge is a first step towards action: once employees are better informed they will seek ways to get involved in the action. This is why we created Let’s Talk Waste’s emblematic Recycling Game which challenges participants to make quick recycling decisions and find out more about the shortcomings of recycling.

This format can be tailored to your specific situation or given in a generic way.

We typically like to associate this format with an optional 2-hour collective thinking workshop to explore alternative behaviours allowing the participants to be inspired and to have concrete tools to make changes in their lives at home and at work.

There is plenty of space for questions and discussion during this format making it an experience fully adapted to the participants in the room.


Original full 1-hour game plus 2-hour collective thinking workshop, original 1-hour game only, online 1-hour game, quick 15-minute digital challenge and more upon request to meet your needs.


Switzerland or online


English and French

How others feel this format has helped their waste reduction journey:

“Our teams left the workshop with tangible actions to implement individually and collectively.”

Xavier Meulemans

Awareness simply is not enough for you and you want to give your colleagues the means to start their own waste reduction process as well as to support your company's waste reduction goals?

Then let’s explore how we can make that happen for your company


If you are willing to take your waste reduction goals to the next level and guarantee stronger employee engagement, we recommend a bottom-up approach. 

We offer collective thinking formats to invite employees to reflect on the current company waste reduction strategy and to contribute to further developing it with their irreplaceable experience in the field.

No one knows better what needs to change and what will be difficult to change than employees working in the field. Asking them to pitch in is a way to achieve better relations with the sustainability department, stronger buy-in and a deeper, more meaningful waste reduction strategy. 


Original full 3-hour collective thinking workshop and more upon request to meet your needs.




English, French and German

How others feel this format has helped their waste reduction journey:

“Julia Bodin at Let’s Talk Waste has delivered a series of engaging and impactful workshops in a variety of formats to suit our needs across business areas.”

Aurelia Figueroa

Do you want to tune in with the people directly concerned and affected by the company’s waste reduction strategy and further develop it in the best and most efficient way possible?

Reach out to us today to explore the possible next steps.

Enhance your waste reduction experience!

We offer a series of add-ons with our partners so that your experience is complete. Do not hesitate to ask for more details:

Cleanup: you may want to include a concrete action and positive impact to your event. We organise cleanup experiences for teams in Bern, Zurich, Neuchâtel and Basel to get some hands-on action and movement and to support the rest of the activity with a stronger sense of commitment to the cause. This can be added to any of our formats and is available in English, French and German.

Graphic recording: you may want to have an original and fully customised memory of your time with us and the participants. We can capture the content of your activity with sketches that summarise key elements and ideas in a large drawing format. This can be added to most of our formats but is best suited for the collective thinking workshops. It is available in English, French and German.

Video recording: you may want to have a short clip memory of your time with us. We offer video recording of your activity in various formats: traditional documentary video that captures images of the action and gives you a short authentic memory of our time together or a disruptive vox-populis format bringing a humoristic and fresh touch interviewing participants on their experience. This option is best matched with the cleanup add-on. It is available in several languages depending on the option.

Social Innovation Lab: not really an add-on but rather a way to go much further by organising a system’s change initiative hosted by your company with your entire ecosystem (suppliers, distributors, clients, politicians, legislators, ect.). Find out more about collaboratio helvetica’s work on their website.

Our Methodology , step-by-step

Our three-pillar approach is deeply informed by our past experience in driving change with companies and collectives

We know that change in any group can be challenging and that it cannot be rushed. We also strongly believe that it is important to look at all three pillars one after the other: Educate, Empower and co-Strategise.

One company may be happy stopping after the Educate pillar while another might go on with the second and third pillar and that is completely valid. We however do not recommend skipping ahead too fast. Knowledge is the engine to action, one cannot concern themselves for an issue they are not aware of and are not fully grasping. This is why we have our first pillar, Educate.

Also, faced with this knowledge some may know exactly where to start while others will sit in inaction for lack of guidance and ideas. This is where our second pillar, Empower comes in.

The last pillar, co-Strategise, is an amplification of the second pillar and therefore is ill at ease on its own. This does not mean you need to opt for a format in each pillar. It just means we will insist on including a bit of the previous pillars in any activity we offer you to guarantee a higher success. This may affect format durations.

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