Empowering employees and stakeholders to take effective waste reduction action within companies

Driving waste reduction and sustainability in a company requires a strong vision. But embarking your teams on a waste reduction journey can be rather challenging and alienating.

We support you on this path by educating, empowering and engaging your colleagues on waste reduction topics, its impact, importance and opportunities.

With Let’s Talk Waste by your side, you can have confidence that your waste reduction strategy is taking root in the minds and actions of your teams.

Our solutions are




Three steps to get employees buy-in on your waste reduction journey


Raise awareness amongst employees and stakeholders of your company on the topic of plastic pollution, waste treatment, and recycling. Empower them to begin (or further) their own waste reduction journey through a series of educational card games played in groups for a fun and a memorable team building experience. This solution is a perfect starting point for an informed waste reduction journey amongst your coworkers and stakeholders.


Empower employees and stakeholders of your company to become active participants and ambassadors of your company’s waste reduction journey through science-based and customised card games as well as special brainstorming sessions. This solution gives the participants the information and tools they need to walk confidently towards producing less waste at home and work and to best support your waste reduction efforts.


Involve and engage employees and stakeholders in your waste reduction strategy by inviting them to contribute to its furthering through a special brainstorming session. This solution is a unique opportunity for you to deepen your waste reduction strategy and potentially identify missed opportunities. It will bring you closer to employees and other stakeholders as well as make your waste reduction strategy more relevant and concrete for the people who have to implement it and who hold the key to its success.

Meet the founder

I am Julia Bodin, an EPFL environmental engineer, an expert change facilitator and a public speaker (TEDx, EPFL Alumni speech and other conferences).

In 2018, I created Let’s Talk Waste with the ambition to cut plastic pollution at the source: our consumption and product design habits. We spill 8 million tonnes of plastic waste into the ocean yearly (Jambeck et al. 2015) and thinking that we can clean it up is unrealistic. We must act at the source and cut the plastic tap in our homes and in the industry. 

I chose to approach this with a fundamentally human approach, creating solutions that not only raise awareness but engage people around an acute environmental issue.


"Julia Bodin at Let’s Talk Waste has delivered a series of engaging and impactful workshops in a variety of formats to suit our needs across business areas. "

Aurelia Figueroa, Breitling

"Our teams left the workshop with tangible actions to implement individually and collectively."

Xavier Meulemans, Groupe L’Occitane

Are you, like Aurelia and Xavier, looking for ways to engage your company employees on waste reduction topics and to get a strong employee and stakeholder buy-ion on your company’s waste reduction strategy?

Hire Let’s Talk Waste to make that happen

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Strengthen employee buy-in on your company’s waste reduction journey

Engaging employees for companies with ambitious waste reduction goals.

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