pet watering system

You plan on leaving for a short vacation, but nobody can come and water your plants? Don’t panic, there is a simple solution: transform a PET bottle into a slow watering system.

  1. Recover a PET bottle with its cap before it is crushed for recycling. Adapt the volume to your needs: one liter for seven days, two liters for 14 days and five liters for 21 days.
  2. Heat up a needle and make a hole at the top of the bottle about 3 cm away for the cap.
  3. Place a toothpick through the hole while leaving about 2/3 outside. This will channel the water out of the bottle.
  4. Fill up the bottle and close the cap.
  5. Push the bottle upside-down in a pot.
  6. Make a few more holes on the bottom of the bottle with the needle to allow for air to come into the bottle. The more holes, the faster the water will leave the bottle.
  7. Test your watering system to make sure your plants will have enough water until you make it back home.

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